Why is Surface Finishes Important in Interior Design?

Why is Surface Finishes Important in Interior Design?

You may have looked at your interior space and wondered why it looks empty or flat. You may have the color, furniture, and other elements involved, but you are left wondering, “Why does my interior look empty?” The answer probably lies in a simple element in interior design, surface finishes.

Surface finish is a little different from textures in interior design, in a way that texture is a broader term for all shapes, colors, patterns, you include in your interior. Examples of which are the fluffy pillows you lay on your sofa, the soft rug that completed the bedroom, or the rough bricks included in the wall to thoroughly define the industrial design look in a living room. Surface finish, on the other hand, refers to the texture of a material’s surface. Depending on the material, it can feel rough, wavy, smooth, leathery, or matted. Surface finish is usually seen in a wide range of materials like floors, walls, ceilings, or any horizontal or vertical surface, whether for interior or exterior. However, although surface finishes and texture seem different, their effects are rather similar.

1. It gives visual weight. Contrary to what is commonly believed, surface finish cannot only affect the sense of touch, but can also affect the sense of sight. It can affect the space like dark or light colors do. Smoother surfaces make the space look modern and minimalist, while rougher surfaces make the space look natural, industrial, and cozy.

2. It improves the general “user experience”. For a nature-inspired room, you try to incorporate colors, plants, natural shapes, and abundance of natural light in a room. However, the inclusion of a rough surface finish, similar to that of the wood, rounds up the overall user experience. One of the main reasons why people take interior design seriously is to provide a good, cozy, and comfortable living for the people afterwards. What is a better way to make the space a conduit of positive experiences than a well designed interior design?

3. It makes the space look lively. Surface finishes trigger sensory perceptions and help in direct visual interest in the room. It keeps the space from looking dull and bland. It differentiates color, shapes, and other elements so that the eyes cannot be fatigued, while also creating balance and harmony in the space.

True enough, surface textures play a large role in interior design. However, natural textures can be hard and costly to achieve. More importantly, sustainability issues call for alternative materials that serve the same purpose for a cheaper price. High Pressure Laminates (HPL) offers a variety of solid colors and wood grain laminates available in different surface finishes, that perfectly imitates elements in nature to commercial and residential spaces. HPL sheets are durable, water, and impact resistant, which makes it a commonly used material in interiors today. Lamerra laminate sheets are available in the following surface finishes: 1) Matte, 2) Rough Matte, 3) Deep Natural Texture, 4) Natural Texture, 5) Leather, and 6)Mirror Surface. If you want to know more about surface finishes, read this article. For inquiries, contact one of the trusted hpl suppliers in the Philippines now.

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