Your ultimate guide to different laminate surface finishes

Your ultimate guide to different laminate surface finishes

For the interior renovation to be seamless, you try to think of every last detail: from the lights to complement the area any time of the day, the colors that match with the furniture, and the textures that go with your high pressure laminates (HPL) to make the overall structure look cohesive and visually appealing. With a variety of colors, woodgrains, and textures, the choices you have with using hpl sheets are endless. Learn about the different laminate textures so you can easily decide which one is perfect for your application.

1.Matte– Matte finish has a satin smooth surface that looks flat and somber. Matte finish in laminates shows a muted, sheen, appearance that keeps the sheet look new and blemish-free. Lamerra’s solid color laminates commonly have this texture.

2.Rough Matte– This texture has a slightly rougher texture than matte, with a glossy finish. As compared to matte, this texture has a striking appearance because light reflects off of its glossy surface. It is easy to clean and maintain, and also makes the interior look elegant and modern. 

3. Deep Natural Texture– This texture is made to mimic real-wood texture. Deep natural texture is usually used on traffic areas where the laminates are prone to scratches and fingerprints. The texture keeps it from looking shabby and old in the long run. Lamerra’s wood grain laminates are made to bring nature into your home. By incorporating deep natural texture in the sheets, your home will get the experience you can get from nature.

4. Natural Texture– Compared to deep natural texture, natural texture has a slightly less rougher texture. A rough texture such as this makes the space look warm, intimate, and inviting. This texture is timeless, versatile, and easily makes the space cozy. 

5. Leather– This texture is characterized by inconsistent patterns of pores and pebbles. Leather surfaces automatically transform a minimalist design to a modern interior. While it is usually associated with masculinity, leather accents rather create a homey, comfortable feel.

6. Mirror Surface–  This texture has a unique reflective surface. The look adds elegance and creativity to the interior. When placed on tables, furniture, and cabinets, the reflective surface tricks the eye into hiding large pieces of furniture in your interior. 

When texture is placed strategically in an interior, it keeps the space from looking flat and dull. Do not be afraid to try a laminate texture that’s a complete stranger to you. This might actually be the missing puzzle to your dream interior. Laminates are the simplest way to adopt a modern, sleek design to your interior.  While the laminates are visually appealing, it is also functional and long-lasting. For more information regarding high pressure laminate sheets, contact us.

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