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Decide which type of wood laminate to use with this handy guide!

There are few things in interior design that are quite as classy as a wood finish.

The type of wood laminate we choose for our interiors can make or break an entire room’s design. But picking the right type of wood finish for your vision will always result in classic interiors that are timeless, sleek, and full of personality. Wood laminate sheets are a beautiful and practical alternative to wood with a variety of interior design applications. If you are working on an interior project but are struggling with which wood grain laminate to choose, then this handy guide is for you!

Why Should I Use Wood Grain Laminate for my Space?

Wood finish laminate sheets combine the natural warmth of real wood and modern design applications. High-quality sheets from trusted HPL suppliers in the Philippines will deliver a high-quality finish that is a great alternative to wood and marble surfaces—delivering the same classy feel with a more competitive cost. Scroll down to see how different types of wood laminate create a unique vibe for the different areas in our homes and working spaces.

How to Choose Wood Finish Laminate Based on Room or Location

Different types of wood finish HPL evoke different emotions and environments based on the room they’ll be added to. If you are deciding which wood laminate to use in a specific room, there are a few steps that we can recommend to you that will make this design process easier and faster.

1. Review the Location

When you first start your interior design project, pay attention to the dimensions and function of the space you will be working on. This will be a big help in deciding on possible design schemes that will work with your space. A smaller space can benefit from the illusion of space that light-colored wood grain laminates can provide, making even a small studio apartment feel much bigger than it really is. On the other hand, a large space like a living den or entertainment room might feel cozier and more intimate when you introduce dark wood-grain laminates. Reviewing the location might help in narrowing down the choices of wood finish HPL types you have to pick from.

2. Decide on a Theme

One of the best ways to make sure you choose a wood finish laminate that goes well with your space is to decide on a theme that you can stick with to avoid mismatched pieces and fixtures. Minimalist themes like Korean, Scandinavian, or “Japandi” (a trendy combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design conventions) are largely reliant on light-toned wood for their characteristic vibe of simplicity and airiness. On the other hand, darker wood grain laminates pair perfectly well with moodier design schemes. From vintage interiors to modern industrial, these dark hues add a touch of drama and sophistication.

 3. Create a Mood Board

Creating mood boards for the individual spaces of your home or office will be a big help to both you and any outsourced professionals like your contractor and interior designer. In doing so, you can easily determine which wood grain laminate to choose and what décor and furniture pieces would allow your vision to come together. This practice also helps you decide on the function and ambiance you want the room to carry, and helps you review design decisions before you make any lasting investments.

living room wood grain

Below, we list a cheat sheet you can refer to when deciding which wood grain laminate to choose for your space.

The Entryway

Though many Filipino homes opt to omit entryways from their floor plan, putting a little extra thought into your foyer may be a good choice. Create a warm and pleasant entryway that greets your guests as they first set foot inside your home by using light wood grain hues. Even in narrow foyers, these light hues will create the illusion of a bright and roomy space that beckons them further into your lovely home. Pair with white and other light paint colors for a pleasant combination that is easy on the eyes or use a darker paint color to draw the eye to focal décor points within the space.

The Living Room

As the main site of entertaining guests, the living room or sala has a bit more flexibility in terms of the types of wood finish that you can use with the fixtures. Living rooms that double as entertainment areas with television and sound sets can work with darker wood grain laminates, or medium-toned finishes that are paired with darker hues of paint. This creates a dramatic yet nostalgic vibe that is reminiscent of movie theaters.

However, owners of small living rooms should avoid using dark wood grain laminates to avoid making the space feel tight. When it comes to your living room, it really is a matter of preference. However, for such a high-traffic area of the home, it pays to be conscious of your space.

The Kitchen & Dining Area

No matter what type of wood finish HPL you use in the kitchen, it is important to stay on top of their maintenance to keep your installations looking their best. Filipino kitchens see a lot of action—with many avid home cooks in the country, it is best to invest in HPL closets, cabinets, and tables that are of high quality and both scratch and splash-resistant.

In smaller living spaces with open kitchen and dining layouts, a lighter wood grain choice may make your kitchenette look wider and more impressive. However, this choice also makes it easier to spot any lingering food bits, dirt or stains. On the other hand, dark wood grain countertops against a light-colored tile backsplash or paint make for a stunning accent that looks clean and sophisticated, especially if you follow these tips to maintain HPL.

We hope that this short guide to choosing the perfect type of wood laminate to use for your home’s various living spaces. If you are looking to source high-quality wood laminate sheets for your interior project, feel free to drop us a line to request a quote. Use this cheat sheet as your design guide to elevating your interiors today!

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