Our Top Tips to Maintain High Pressure Laminates

Maintaining high pressure laminate installations is key to keep them looking sharp and long lasting. Like any part of your home, it is important to learn how to maintain HPL so you can conduct some routine maintenance and cleaning to prevent degradation and breakage in the long haul. If you own HPL sheet installations in your home or you are considering making the investment soon, learn our top five tips to maintain high pressure laminates for a long lifespan and a sleek appearance!

1. Sooner is Always Better than Later

When it comes to HPL maintenance, it is always best to get your HPL cleaning done ASAP. As soon as you spot any dirt, grime, or spillage on the surface of your laminate walls, closets, or tables, gently wipe it off with a clean cloth or soft tissue. This makes it easier for you to deal with the mess, since whatever substance that may be will not have had much time to penetrate the overlay of your high-pressure laminate and prevents spilled substances from leaving pesky stains. While it can feel like a chore to constantly clean messes as soon as they’re made, the hard work saves you a lot of time and effort later on and will minimize any deep cleaning that you may have to conduct for high pressure laminate maintenance.

2. Clean Gently but Thoroughly

We know that cleaning your messes ASAP is easier said than done. When deep cleaning your HPL installations, we know it can be tempting to pull out all the stops. Before you bust out the extra strength products and put in the elbow grease, save yourself the time and trouble by gently cleaning your HPL installations with soft instruments and mild cleaning agents. Scrubbing away at your high-pressure laminates for interior walls, shelves, or closets may prove to be counterproductive, since harsh cleaning agents and abrasive sponges or tools may create permanent scratches on its protective structure and dull out its shine—making it more susceptible to infiltration and stains.

Instead, opt for a soft, wet sponge or damp cloth and partner it with a mild soap for general cleaning. If you encounter any stubborn stains, choose a non-abrasive cleaning agent, and gently wipe the surface until the stain comes off. 

3. Mastic is Fantastic

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. Some preventative maintenance for your high-pressure laminate interiors can save you the trouble of any serious cleaning and repairs. While HPL sheets are moisture and infiltration resistant, its interior layers can degrade over time if repeatedly subjected to splashes and humidity. This is especially worrisome if you use HPL for closets or kitchen applications, since this can lead to mold buildup if left unattended. Apply a coat of mastic solution to all the open joints, cut-outs, undersides, and edges of HPL sheets used for closets, walls, and tables. This will protect its vulnerable sections from potential moisture and infiltration corrosion and prolongs the lifespan of all your laminate pieces.

Pro-Tip: Apply mastic to your HPL installation from the get-go. This is both preventative HPL maintenance, as well as a way to keep your high-pressure laminates as sharp and sleek as the day you first got them. 

4. Positive Reinforcement For Minimal Damage

Though HPL is impact-resistant, it may show some wear and tear if you don’t reinforce the surfaces when necessary. Use plywood to reinforce any heavy loads should you be conducting any maintenance in surrounding areas that would require you to move or roll equipment over it. This is especially important if you use high pressure laminates for your flooring. For surfaces where you will be placing heavy equipment, such as coffee machines, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances, utilize a wooden or steel pad or platform to bear the load and protect the HPL from spillages and heat. This tip is a must for maintaining high pressure laminates in top condition.

5. Shield from Sharp Objects

HPL may have a protective clear overlay to prevent impact and substance infiltration, sharp objects like knives and cutters are still very likely to damage the surface of your HPL sheets if you aren’t careful. These scratches can create deep cuts in your HPL sheeting and dull out its surface—making it more susceptible to stains especially in high-traffic, high-exposure areas like the kitchen or dining room. Use a thick wooden chopping block when undertaking any knife work in the kitchen to protect your high-pressure laminate surfaces like counters and tables from deep-seated stains. The same rule would also apply to areas like home offices or studies if you require the use of a cutter or scissors for office work or crafting. Use a thick self-healing craft mat and keep your HPL installations looking smooth, shiny, and pristine!We hope that these five tips will help with your high-pressure laminate maintenance and cleaning routines for an impressive and stylish finish. HPL still remains a durable and low-maintenance product, but its longevity and quality shine most if it is cared for well. Secure your installations from a trusted high-pressure laminate supplier in the Philippines for high-quality HPL with quality that you can preserve for many years to come!

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