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The colors of laminate you use can completely transform a space.

When designing any space, a lot of thought goes into making sure that your design is executed exactly the way you want. From the colors of your laminate to the finishing touches of your furniture, what makes a space truly yours is how the execution meets your vision for it. The color of laminate you choose plays a big part in this vision. Not only is it supposed to match the prevalent colors in your space, but sometimes the color of laminate you choose can become the foundation for the room itself.

But what if you don’t know what you want?

In this short guide to picking the right laminate color, we answer the questions ”how to choose laminate color” based on your interiors and ”which wood laminate to choose” based on the purpose of your space. Read on and find out how to choose the color of laminate for your next design project wisely!

How Do I Know Which Color of Laminate to Choose?

Knowing which color of high-pressure laminate to choose is easier said than done. Your choice of laminate color cannot be solely based on aesthetics. High pressure laminates are known for their durability and hardiness, so once installed it will be a long time before you need to replace them. Take your time when making your decision so you can fully enjoy the longevity of this material.

How to Choose the Color of Laminate for my Room?

There are a number of things you should consider before picking your laminate. While some of these may deal with your personal preference of visuals and aesthetics, some of the considerations include more practical factors such as the purpose of the room and the amount of activity that the room will see. Below we will list the top two factors that you must consider before making a final choice.

The Style of the Room

Choosing the style that you want for your room ahead of time can certainly help you narrow down your choices when picking the right color of laminate. Some laminates can prove to be the finishing touch for your concept so you can tie the theme of your room together. As a general rule of thumb, here are three room styles and the corresponding colors that suit them best.


Do you want your room to be a refuge where you can simply kick back and relax after a long day of work or a tiring meeting? If you are wondering which color of high pressure laminate to choose for this type of room, you can opt for lighter tones to make your room feel free and wide. Lighter wood laminates for your walls create a more relaxing and airy ambiance for your home, providing a restful and cozy atmosphere that is versatile enough for different furniture and décor.


If you prefer the look of vintage and classic interiors such as the likes of Tudor and European design, then a darker shade of wood laminate is the right choice. Darker colors of laminate make rooms of this type moodier and dramatic, evoking themes of richness and luxury when paired with tasteful vintage or classic furniture conventions.


Rooms with a more modern design may work with light wood stains, but they lack the impact that more modern shades like gray, black, or slate stains can provide. For a sleek and ultra-modern finish for your room, opt for these cool-toned shades and pair them with furniture and colors that lend a more industrial feel.

white and wood themed bedroom

The Type of Room

Some rooms are better suited for specific colors of laminate. The type and color of laminates you use for your flooring or walls can completely transform the way your room looks. Examples of this are how kitchen HPL applications differ from dining room and living room applications of this durable floor and wall material.

Kitchen Applications

Whether your kitchen is a stand-alone open layout or perhaps it is a joint room with your dining area, it is a given that you consider the waterproofing and durability that your laminates should provide. But did you know that the color of your laminates also affects the look of your dining and kitchen area? Choosing darker colored wood grains or solid color laminate makes spills and stains less noticeable, which can be a lifesaver especially when entertaining guests. This gives you some leeway when wiping down these slip-ups, getting most of the mess away while guests are around while buying time for a deep clean later on.

Bedroom Applications

Depending on the kind of mood you want for your bedroom, you always have a choice between light and dark colors of laminate. Light wood grain laminates create a more calming ambiance that echoes the vibe of nature and comfort. These light wood picks are perfect if you need some help winding down for bed after a long and busy day.

On the other hand, darker colors of laminate make for a richer, more dramatic environment in the bedroom. This makes darker shades far more suitable for more mature bedroom owners that want their room to embody coziness and luxury. Some homeowners that opt for a dark laminate color for the bedroom actually find it easier to fall asleep, because the darker shade of the flooring makes it easier to focus on the more important pieces of furniture like your bed, accent chairs, and even lighting fixtures that simply elevate the coziness.

Living Space Applications

Creating a living room or den for family and guests alike is never a dull experience. While light colored laminates are great for creating the illusion of bigger spaces and charming airiness, colorful, solid color laminates are also a fun addition to create accent walls and flooring. Create visual interest with a vibrant-hued focal point that will draw the eye of your guests as you entertain them, or a fun and zany wall that your family can pepper with precious, framed memories.

Though the style and type of your room have a big influence on how to choose the color of laminate you want for your space, remember that ultimately the choice is yours. Only you can ever fully say that a room’s look is to your liking, but it never hurts to receive the guidance and advice of a trusted HPL supplier in the Philippines.

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