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Choosing table laminates for your design does not have to be hard!

Choosing table laminates for your space can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, finding the best type of high-pressure laminate can sometimes be more confusing than rewarding. Whether you are refreshing your space or taking on a new project altogether, we hope that our guides in choosing table laminates can help make this design decision easier for you to make. Read on and learn more about the types of laminate for tables and how to make them work best for your space!

How Do I Start Choosing Table Laminates for My Space?

The first step to choosing table laminates is to evaluate a few factors — usage, location, color scheme, and style.

Type of Usage

How do you plan to use your tabletop laminates? Will they be a kitchen countertop that serves as a prep area? Or perhaps as an impressive dining table? Will they be added to an office or study table? Kitchen applications require high levels of contact with food that can possibly corrode their quality over time. Home offices and study areas on the other hand have minimal to no exposure to food and liquids, hence a longer life is possible.

The type of use you subject your laminate wood tables to can greatly affect their integrity if you don’t make the right choice of laminate or fail to take preventative measures. Applications that are exposed to plenty of cooking and dining are definitely feasible, but you can prolong the life of your kitchen HPL with prompt cleaning and regular maintenance.

On the other hand, areas meant for computer work, study, storage, and even entertaining guests can get away with using laminate wood tables with very minimal upkeep. But whether you choose solid color or wood grain laminate, all of our high-pressure laminates come with infiltration resistance, so no need to worry about the accidental spill here and there.

Installation Location

Coming off as a related vein from the previous criteria, location also plays a big role in choosing your laminate table type. Using tabletop laminates for outdoor areas, kitchens, and bathrooms can add a stunning design element to the area, but should be cleaned promptly for sanitation and preservation purposes. These areas are high traffic spaces, and like any other material, it is best to keep these spaces clean for minimal contamination. Certain types of kitchen laminate work well for food prep areas, as well as bathroom counters, and dining tables. An example of this is the use of a matte texture for laminate wood tables and surfaces. The matte texture is a great choice due to its resistance to scratches and stains—both commonplace in busy kitchens and dining areas.

On the flipside, offices and living rooms will generally fare well even with minimal cleaning and maintenance given the much milder exposure to the elements. In this type of controlled environment, wood grain laminate tables can easily become a stunning focal point for you to decorate according to your personal style without worry for potential damage.

living room and kitchen studio with wood laminated table and kitchen counter

Style of Interiors

The style of your home can be greatly affected by your chosen type of laminate for tables. Depending on the style you have chosen for your interiors, some colors and textures can help you achieve the effect you want to the fullest. Below are some examples of interior styles along with our recommended textures and colors.

1. Classic or Rustic

Defined by timeless designs that lend a classy yet cozy vibe to the room it belongs to, this style can benefit from the homey texture and timeless appeal that the appearance of wood can bring. For this type of interior, you can afford to have some flexibility regarding the finish of your chosen table laminate. Go for a matte wood grain finish if you want the wood to feel more rustic and earthy. On the other hand, you can choose a glossy finish that mimics the shine of polished wood.

2. Retro or Midcentury

Known for their punchy colors and wooden accents, retro and mid-century spaces are known as pinnacles of modern design for a reason. Use our solid color laminates for vibrant tones that lighten up a space and draw the eye. Want a sleek yet cozy element to your space? Opt for soft, light stain wood grain with a matte finish to mimic that midcentury sleekness for your dining or coffee table.

3. Modern or Minimalist

Do you like the look of clean lines and minimal clutter? Perhaps you like to pair industrial finishes with laminate tables? Darker wood stains or solid color matte laminate create a powerful, modern vibe that exudes high class style. Pair your state-of-the-art entertainment system with a dark wood or solid color laminate console and finish off the look with a drop light or two.

Or do you prefer the lightness of being that the minimalist East Asian design conventions bring to a space? No problem. Get your ikigai on with light wood grain laminates that feel natural and comfy. Keep your interiors simple and clean, and complete the space with a potted plant or a tasteful hint of minimalist art.

Complete Your Space with a Laminate Wood Table of Your Choosing.

At the end of the day, your use of tabletop laminate boils down your preferences and lifestyle. If you see yourself as a stylish home body who doesn’t mind a bit of regular upkeep, opt for wood grain finishes. However, if you are a professional that is always on the go, give yourself a break with matte installations that need minimal cleaning. The choice is yours—but we are always here to help you along the way.

Make the best choice for you and your space by getting in touch with us at Lamerra!

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