Discover which type of laminate to use for the kitchen!

Using HPL sheets in the kitchen is a popular material choice among builders, interior designers, and homeowners for both surfaces and cabinetry—and for good reason. The sturdiness, impact, and infiltration resistance, coupled with a stylish finish, all contribute to the popularity of high-pressure kitchen laminates in interior design and construction. But did you know that there are different types of kitchen laminates available out on the market for you to choose from? With our kitchens being such high-traffic, high-mess areas, it is important to select the best kitchen laminate to suit our needs and design. Learn more about the different types of kitchen HPLs and find out which type of laminate to use for your kitchen!

1. Matte Laminate

With minimal reflectiveness and shine, matte kitchen laminates are the perfect option for busy kitchens. Besides the sophisticated look that they add to your kitchen interiors, matte laminates are also commendably scratch and stain resistant. Matte type kitchen laminates require very little clean up and maintenance, making this the perfect choice if you want to save on clean-up time after cooking a big meal. This practical choice looks stunning in both wood grain and solid color laminate variants, combining form and function in one snazzy package that is sure to suit the look of your kitchen.

Choose This If: You are an avid home cook that wants minimal clean up and upkeep. This is also a great choice for houses with little ones that are still growing out of their messy eating, or for working professionals that want little tidying after cooking themselves a meal on a weeknight!

Recommended Applications: Countertops, Kitchen Islands, Tables, Cabinetry, Bar tops

2. Anti-Fingerprint Laminate

Similar to matte laminate, anti-fingerprint kitchen laminates have lower gloss and virtually no reflectiveness. Its anti-fingerprint finish makes grime and grease less likely to cling to its surfaces, which means cleaner and more hygienic countertops and cabinetry. Our wood grain laminates look especially impressive with an anti-fingerprint overlay, creating an impressive visual element for your kitchen by mimicking the beauty of a sleek, expertly sanded wood slab.

Choose This If: You want a neat-looking kitchen with minimal fingerprints, or if you want to minimize the eyesore of grease and dirt marks in the kitchen

Recommended Applications: Countertops, Kitchen Islands, Tables, Cabinetry, Bar tops

3. Textured Laminate

This type of kitchen laminate can perfectly mimic the natural grain of the wood, leather, or even stone. Choosing a deep natural texture finish can bring a homey yet high-end vibe to your kitchen without compromising the realistic feeling of cut wood or stone slab. The more textured the surface of the kitchen laminate you choose, the higher its surface resistance can be to scratches and dulling. However, it is important to note that this type of kitchen HPL tends to trap dirt, bits, and grime in the crevices over time.

Choose This If: You want to imbibe classy and comfortable wood interiors with a realistic wood grain finish for your kitchen laminate, or if you want a showpiece kitchen that sees little regular use outside of entertaining guests with some wine and antipasti.

Recommended Applications: Tables, Cabinetry, Bar tops, Shelves and Pantries

So, what is the best laminate for the kitchen?

The short answer is that it depends. The perfect pick for your kitchen HPL is something that you would know best based on the day-to-day activities and time spent in the space by yourself and your family or roommates, if you share the space. Assess what activities you do most in your kitchen—do you like cooking your own meals and getting involved in your meal preparation? A matte or anti-fingerprint surface is probably a great choice for your home. But if you prefer to keep your kitchen neat and tidy for entertaining guests and dining in style, textured laminate is an impressive design choice that you won’t regret.

When it comes to HPL in the kitchen, the good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself. Mix and match different styles, colors, and finishes to get the perfect look and surface finish that can best accommodate your lifestyle. Get in touch with an HPL supplier in the Philippines for your  laminate requests or ask them for their mix-and-match laminate recommendations for your kitchen habits and needs!

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