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Working with Wood Grain HPL Sheets for your Interior

Ever wondered why you have the innate connection with nature and to things that remind you of living things? This experience, thus called  biophilic effect, makes us long for nature even in our built environment. This is the reason why wood has always been considered in interior designing. Wood has long been used in interiors because of its durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. However, due to its hefty price many cannot afford to use it as much as they want to. Technological advances made products that could mimic real wood appearance. Wood grain high pressure laminate (HPL) is a wood alternative material that matches its realistic appearance, tactility, and value for money. 

  1. Unparalleled Variation

Wood grain laminates show numerous colors, feature unique grain patterns, and showcase a variety of textures depending on your preference. This diversity nonetheless works together to add texture and warmth to a room that can complement and enhance a variety of interior designs, without excessive upkeep.

Wood grain laminates are made to perfectly mimic reclaimed wood species such as maple, ash, oak, ribbonwood, oak, teak, elm, etc. Textured designs are available for the times you want to limit the appearance of fingerprints, food and water stains on the surface of your wood finish laminate sheets when placed in high traffic areas. It is available in different textures from smooth surfaces, to rough textures that resemble that of real wood.

  1. Visually Versatile

You can incorporate wood finish laminate sheets in different applications such as furniture, feature walls, tables, kitchen nooks, etc. which makes it a major decorative element in residential and commercial projects. It can be used in different interior design styles, including rustic, farmhouse, classic. contemporary, industrial, etc. The diversity of colors, textures, and grain patterns of wood panel laminate sheets all play for the indirect experience with nature in your interior, which makes the interior visually pleasing.

  1. Elicits Vibe

While wood grain is inherently known for its aesthetic appeal, it works greatly on interiors because it achieves effective results in one’s productivity. Studies show that the presence of a touch of nature at home is correlated with relaxation and restoration from stress.  You can place wood high pressure laminate sheets on office tables, study nooks, or places where work is mentally demanding. Warm tones (e.g., noble cherry, amber cherry, burmese teak, amber maple, honey elm, natural maple, ivory elm, etc.) are heavily associated with feelings of comfort, security, and coziness. On the other hand, cool tones (e.g., lincoln walnut, weathered teak, weathered eucalyptus, light veneer wood, etc.) have a calming effect on the interiors.

People are practically drawn to more appearances of nature more than you think. This is the reason why people have been more inclined in growing plants at home, and why wood has always been present in interior spaces. Make your interior spaces feel more like a breathing space specially with the increasing time we spend on screen and at home. Our collection of wood grain laminates consists of natural maple, amber maple, mountain maple, bamboo striped, aged walnut, natural teak, etc. For more information regarding hpl, contact one of the hpl suppliers in the Philippines.

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