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Which color suits my office desk best?

Is the color of your office desk really important? A third of the day is spent bent over office desks, working on daily tasks, so it will surely affect our mood one way or another. It can influence one’s productivity and mood at work. It can also trigger creativity, make you comfortable, and determine how others work too. When deciding the best color for your desk, it usually depends on personal preference, office or interior theme, and color psychology.  

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a good material for tables and furniture because it is a compact laminate sheet that is durable, impact resistant, water resistant, and versatile. HPL sheets are also available in different colors and textures, so the only problem you may experience is choosing what is suitable for you between solid color laminate sheets and wood finish laminate sheets. Check out some color inspiration for your desks in the items below:

  1. Titanium Black

While black may not be a go-to color for tables, it can be used in formal and professional settings to show power and authority. Remember to use it in moderation and in combination with other colors, otherwise it may look overbearing and intimidating. Titanium black can be incorporated in other office spaces, including walls, cabinets, and partitions.

2. Titanium White

A white colored table using Titanium White can surely achieve a minimalist or monochrome aesthetic that looks neat and clean. White is a versatile color that can be paired on colorful furniture and patterned walls, while also looking harmonious and cohesive.

3. Lead

Do not be limited by wooden colors for your desk. Neutral colors can also do the same calmness, harmony, and relaxation with your office table, so long as you create the right balance. If your office leans to the darker theme, it is better to choose a light color to create an accent. If you want a monochromatic color for your office, choose a color like Lead laminate sheets.

4. Amazonian Walnut

Wood-like colors are commonly used in office settings because it creates stability, much like a tree can in nature. Brown wood shows professionalism and relaxation in an otherwise fast-paced and busy office setting.

5. Mountain Maple

When choosing a color for your workspace, not only should you take note of the existing theme, but also how it can affect others when working. Flashy colors may distract you from getting the job done, so it may be better for you to stick to colors like Mountain Maple to create a calming atmosphere that can also boost productivity.

6. Amber Cherrry

Do not be afraid to stray away from the usual neutral and brown-like wood grains in your office. You can place a pop of color red like Amber Cherry, a toned down reddish brown color that can pair well with other interior pieces in the room. 

So, is the color of your desk really important? The answer is a clear yes. By deciding on a simple task like choosing a desk color, you can either do your work efficiently, or get work done but be stressed at the end of the day. While you can’t control how much work you are tasked with, you can still make your space feasible and efficient nonetheless. Check the list of available HPL colors in this link. If you have decided that this is the right material for you, contact a trusted high pressure laminate supplier in the Philippines. 

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