When to Use Glossy Laminate Sheets

When to Use Glossy Laminate Sheets

There is a reason why glossy finishes are a popular choice in interior design. It can be applied in a lot of elements in the space, including the kitchen surfaces, cabinets, accessories, and other furniture. It significantly changes the look of the room and makes the room elegant. If you want to amp up the interior, a change in the texture or finish in interior design is one proven way to quickly elevate the look of the room. Before, you can get a glossy surface through a limited number of materials that are usually expensive for the masses. Nowadays, however, the glossy finish is applied even in paint or high pressure laminates, which are great alternatives to other costly options. Below are some scenario that determines when to use glossy surfaces:

Use it When: You want to enlarge the space visually.

The reflective property of glossy surfaces makes the space appear bigger than they originally do. Whether you use paint, stone, or laminate sheets, it does the same contrast that’s the missing puzzle piece in the interior. Think of it as both decorative and functional. For best results, place them where light (whether natural or artificial) can reach, so you can maximize its potential to enlarge the space. However, since the glossy surfaces have a dramatic effect, too much of it (like all other elements in interior design) can be overwhelming. Neutral colors in glossy finish are easy to mix and match to existing properties, but vibrant colors in a glossy finish can make the room too playful especially if the function of the room is for a professional setting. For this reason, it is important that you determine what the room is for before designing, or placing the stakes on your chosen materials. 

Use it When: You want to add a flare in a monotonous interior. 

The biggest challenge in a monotonous interior is how to make the space interesting. Since the large occupying areas like walls, ceiling, and floors look best in neutral colors, then you can be bold and play with surface finishes on the diminutive parts of the space. This includes the cabinetry, or other high traffic surfaces of the space. The glossy table set in the kitchen or living room can be used as the focal point that ties the harmony altogether. Historically, gloss has always been used in the upper class society as it is associated with splendor and magnificence that tells much about the wealth of a family. The cost of the materials with a natural gloss (i.g., traditional marble) is also a testament to this. These days however, people have developed a myriad of materials that mimics the look and can be representative of it as well, without the hefty price tag included. Few examples of these are paint and HPL sheets. 

Use it When: You want an easy-to-clean surface that requires less maintenance.

The glass-like surface is easy to clean and maintain more than any other finish. It gives the premier look all the same, which makes it convenient to use even for high traffic areas. 

The texture of your surfaces whether glossy, matte, textured, or satin, can significantly affect the interior more than you think. The difference among these aside from the texture, is how the light interacts with the material. Lamerra HPL laminate sheets offer a variety of surface finishes that ranges from glossy, to matte, and natural texture, that adds interest and variety to your options aside from solid color laminate and wood grain laminate swatches. With its durable and low-maintenance properties, it is a popular choice among interior designers, contractors, and architects alike, in projects like bespoke furniture, modular tables, cabinetry, and interior walls. For more information regarding the material, contact us. You may also check the prices of all laminates available on our site. 

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