Using High Pressure Laminates for your Office Space

Using High Pressure Laminates for your Office Space

High Pressure Laminates are often used to enhance interiors of residential spaces, however, it’s also a good idea to use them for corporate spaces. HPL Sheets offer a nice blend between aesthetics and durability that would give an inviting and attractive look to offices. Giving your cabinets and tables solid color laminates or wood laminates would not only revamp its look; making it look more modern, but it would also make it easier to maintain. Here are some points to consider for you to use High Pressure Laminates for your office. 

Low Maintenance for your busy schedule

With hundreds of tasks and operations being handled around the office everyday, we tend to pay less attention to the wear and tear of furniture and whether or not it can withstand the everyday conditions of work. With HPLs, this isn’t an issue as it requires little to no maintenance when used on cabinets and tables. They are also easy to clean, whether they are wood or solid laminate sheets, as they are stain proof in which it only requires a damp cloth to clean them. This is especially important in the office where there will be high traffic day in and day out. 

Durability for the demands of the workplace:

HPL Sheets, from the name itself, are made from a manufacturing process involving high pressure which results to the durable material that we get. With the process heightening its properties and structure, HPLs tend to be durable with its different indoor applications. You won’t have to worry about getting scratches from stuff like pens, scissors, cutters, or any other sharp objects as HPLs are resistant to scratches. You also won’t be able to accidentally put a dent on your cabinets or tables as HPLs also tend to be Impact Resistant. These laminates are also Infiltration resistant, meaning it can withstand varying temperatures as well as moisture for whenever it gets too cold in the office. Although it is worth noting that it isn’t recommended to install these High-Pressure Laminates outdoors as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. 

Versatility to match the look you’re going for

HPLs can significantly improve the look of the office. Whether you want an urban looking, minimalist, tidy looking interior or a natural wooden looking one, HPLs have a vast selection of colors to choose from. These usually come in two main finishes: laminates in solid color and wood grain laminate swatches. Solid Color Laminates give a clean and corporate look to your office that gives a sleek uniform interior design style appealed to those who like minimalist and modern appearances. If you want a wooden looking interior without going through the hassle of maintaining it then Wood Grain Laminates are an ideal choice for your needs. Wood Panel Laminate Sheets give patterns that simulate the look and feel of your preferred type of tree.

Costs that won’t hurt the office bills

Management tends to spend a lot on equipment, and it could get expensive when everything adds up by the end of the year. With low maintenance and long-life span, High Pressure Laminates reduce the costs of the workplace simply by protecting the furniture it has been applied to. It also helps that HPLs are not as costly as buying new furniture. The average High Pressure laminate would last around 10 years after its application, meaning that you don’t have to worry about buying it over and over again annually. This also helps extend the lifespan of where it’s being applied to.

High Pressure Laminates are versatile in their applications and durable in their use for office furniture and surfaces. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean especially for when you spill coffee on your office pantry. Lamerra HPL laminate sheets are able to provide a wide range of choices for the office look that you desire. Lamerra is the leading High Pressure Laminates Supplier in the Philippines. For more information regarding the material, contact us. For other interior design applications, you may check out Decocity for your interior finishing materials.

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