Using Black Laminates in your Interior

Using Black Laminates in your Interior

Black is a staple color in clothing. But using it on something with a very large area, such as your interior, can be a big risk, if you do not know how to incorporate it well. Black can totally transform the vibes and aesthetic of the room. It can make the room dark or dull, light or classy. Using high pressure laminates in your interior is one good way to make this vision come to life. With a variety of colors, including neutrals such as black, the possibilities are endless. 

Black is a neutral color that’s classic and versatile. It can match with most, if not all, colors. Commitment to the color black is the key to make the interior look good. This means that the interior, especially the areas which occupy a lot of space, as well as the majority of your furniture, must be predominantly in one shade of black. The first thing you need to do is to identify key focal points in your room, and decide what variation of colors and accessories are included.  Here are some ways where you can use black laminates in your interior:

  1. Black Ceiling 

The black color is a great way to hide flaws and imperfections, and emphasize panellings on your ceiling. If you want to separate two spaces in your floor plan without using walls or rugs, a black ceiling will do. Black makes high ceilings appear lower, so take note of this information. 

  1. Black Kitchen Island

Black laminates on your kitchen island and cupboards is a quick way to give your home a simple but sophisticated look. Laminates are water resistant, so they can be placed in areas in contact with water. Laminates are also easy to clean, perfectly capable of handling the kitchen mess. 

  1. Black Cabinets

Cabinets can be found anywhere in the home- kitchen cupboard, bedroom cabinets, living room compartments, dresser, bathroom closet, etc. Pair dark furniture with light colors of either solid colors or wood grain laminates to instantly create a balance, and keep the dark color from overwhelming the eyes. Using black in cabinets and furniture is a great option for starters as a way to condition themselves before making full blown changes in their interior. This way, you can have a small but impactful change to your home. 

  1. Black Interior Walls

Black makes the room look cramped and boxed-in, which is why placing large windows to allow natural light to come in is a must. Black laminates can be the backdrop to the living room television set, an accent wall, or a room divider. To break a monotonous tone, add patterns or texture to make a black wall more interesting. You can also opt for greens and go for the natural route. 

There are a lot of ways you can use black in your interior. You can choose accessories in black or use dark panels.  HPL sheets are just one way, if you want a good alternative that’s easy to install and lasts a long time.  If you’re afraid of using black in the majority of your room, you can go down the spectrum and choose slightly different shades, including Ebony and Lead. Black can be used to tie in a space together, so you do not necessarily have to use black in all areas of your home. You can also use  bits of the color in particular areas and use it as a border or accent to balance an interior that has too many light elements. Lamerra is a trusted  Philippine supplier of high pressure laminates. You can buy Lamerra laminate sheets on selected Polylite and Decocity branches nationwide. Contact us for more information. 

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