Small Space Problems? Here’s how to make the most of it

Small Space Problems? Here’s how to make the most of it

Decorating small spaces can be a strong challenge but is definitely not impossible to do. It is not a disadvantage per se, because it has its certain charms as compared to large spaces. One of the problems when decorating small spaces is how to fit in all things in the space, without making it look cluttered and disorganized. Fret not, here are some things you can do to clear the space visually.

1. Declutter the area.

There is no easier or faster way to make the interior spacious than decluttering. Think of the things you seldom use, or have not used for a long time already. Think of the clothes that do not fit anymore. Or old things you’d want to donate instead. All these are a part of the clutter. Doing these not only gives you more room, it also gives you a sense of control and authority inside the home, which affects mental health positively. 

2. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

Multipurpose furniture does more than one specific function. It’s dynamic, flexible, and cost-effective. The bed doubles as a compartment. The table can be a magazine shelf. The bed can be folded to act as an office table in the morning. One thing to note with multipurpose furniture is, these are specifically made with a purpose. These are customizable based on the user’s needs and lifestyle. 

3. Storages come a long way.

The use of built-in shelves is apparent in most modern homes, especially in small spaces because it is practical in nature, and is capable of freeing the floor space. However, be careful of overcrowding the space with too much furniture. Large furniture in small spaces can make the space look enclosed rather than freeing up the space, which was its original purpose. Knowing the dimensions of your home will help. Make sure that the furniture you will use will not hinder the main entrance points and hallways, and will not block natural sources of light, like doors and windows. 

4. Be wise in using colors.

Colors affect our psyche a lot more than we realize. Light colors are specifically used in small spaces because it calms the eyes, gives it room to breathe, and tricks the mind into thinking that it is a big space rather than a small one. Transparent furniture, along with the use of glass as a divider gives the element of transition without enclosing the space. Do not be afraid of only using neutral light colors for your interior. There are several ways to spice up a neutral light colored interior. Other than paint, you can also use HPL laminate sheets to recreate a simple but chic interior.  Patterns in wood grain laminates give character and detail to the overall design.  

Another thing to note other than what color to use is how to place the colors strategically in the place. Depending on how it is placed, it can elongate the room or lower the ceiling. It can also expand the space vertically or horizontally. If you place a different color on a wall, it highlights the wall, and when you use a dark color on all sides of the wall, it closes the space. 


It’s not the little area that constricts us, but how it is organized and decorated that affects us negatively. Not having space to allow for daily function and living affects our sense of comfort, lifestyle and everyday living. This is why it is important to be creative and strategic in decorating your space, whether it is a big or small space. 

Lamerra high pressure laminates is a multifunctional finishing material that can be used in kitchen surfaces, cabinets and furniture, which will make the interior look seamless and spotless. It has a wide range of swatches- both neutral solid color laminates and wood grain laminates, that can adapt to any kind of interior. HPL Sheets is a good alternative for paint or wooden furniture because it is cheaper and is also durable. Lamerra can be found in all Polylite and Decocity stores nationwide. Contact us for more information, or message us for a free quote. 

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