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Project Highlight: Office Space

How do you make a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and one that matches the brand? The strategic use of interior finishes like High Pressure Laminates (HPL) lets you combine key functional and aesthetic considerations which makes all three possible. Interior finishes that mimic wood grain and surface finishes show both natural and textural elements to elevate an otherwise plain looking office. It also provides a natural and aesthetic touch of nature while in the office. The first of this series, project highlights show some of the projects where Lamerra HPL sheets were used. Here are the things to love about this office project application:

  1. Functional Use of Space- The classic industrial design shown in workspaces are reflected through wooden ceilings, bricks, and wood-like interiors. Highlighting all these while also ensuring efficient use of space and boosting people’s morale makes this project one to look out for. The use of partition walls to divide the space allows each one to have an area to work on, all spaces distinct and cohesive at the same time. 
Natural Teak used on partition walls
  1. Versatile Use of Laminate Sheets- Using a multifaceted material like HPL laminate sheets, multiple horizontal and vertical applications were covered in this office space. The versatile use of laminate sheets in this photo, shown in both cabinets and ceiling maximizes the features of laminates and how it can be used in several applications. 
  1. Eye-friendly Colors- Creating the right atmosphere suitable in a workplace is a challenge in choosing the colors. While seemingly unnecessary, colors greatly affect the overall morale, productivity and efficiency of the team. The colors in relation to the brand and the natural lighting adds to the considerations. In this project, two particular wood grain laminate colors were used for the walls and cabinets. Ivory Elm wood laminate sheet was used sparingly on the cabinets and ceiling, while Natural Teak was used on walls and partitions. Using accent pieces together with these colors make the space look cohesive. 
  Ivory Elm and Natural Teak Used on Cabinets

          Office spaces are where we spend the majority of our time which is why turning it into  a multifunctional space can be challenging. Interior finishes, like laminate sheets, play an important role to achieve this. For more inquiries, contact one of the trusted HPL suppliers in the Philippines. 

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