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These Laminate Uses are Worth Exploring for your Next Project.

The use of laminated flooring in your home is both a cosmetic and practical choice. If you have been considering laminate uses for your home but are not sure where to put them, then this is the perfect article for you. Find out what a laminate is used for in different home applications, as well as the best places where laminates can be used within your home.

What are the Advantages of Using Laminates in Your Home?

Using high pressure laminate sheets in your home presents you with interior wall, flooring, and fixture choices that look classy and sophisticated while still being cost-effective. While your use of laminates may seem like an investment at first, you actually save a lot more on maintenance in the long run. High-pressure laminates are easy to clean and resistant to shock, scratches, and liquid penetration. These features can reassure you that using laminates in your home are an excellent choice for long-lasting and stunning interior design.

Now that you know more about the benefits that come with laminate usage, you can now rest easy knowing that they will perform well wherever you install them. However, there are some areas for laminate use that can truly benefit from the elevation and durability they bring. Below are some of our top picks for where laminates can be used best within your home or property.

A Stunning Living Room or Lounge

Living rooms (or lounges as some people call them) are one of the best places to use HPL in. Whether you opt for an interior wall HPL application for a classy backdrop for entertaining guests or opt for table HPL applications to create a centerpiece coffee table where guests can place food and drink, using laminates in your living room can immediately level up the vibe of the space. Create a sophisticated yet visually versatile ambiance in your living room with high-pressure laminate use that can go with any interior design you might want.

Best Lamerra HPL for the Living Room: Opt for a rich, dark shade of wood grain HPL like Maroon Walnut if you want a more sophisticated look for late night entertainment. However, minimalist homes that prefer a cleaner, airier colorway might enjoy the look of lighter wood grain laminates such as Striped Bamboo.

Create a Calming Bedroom

Sleep is an important part of your overall wellness. Because of this, it makes sense to invest in the quality and comfort of your bedroom to guarantee a good night’s rest. A sleep-friendly bedroom is a great way to make sure that this happens. Bedrooms are most soothing when you apply the right color schemes, so be sure to use muted colors or comfy wood tones on your shelf and closet HPL applications. Shelves are particularly important to have around inside the bedroom, as making a habit of reading before bed helps to calm the mind and induce healthy cycles for your Circadian rhythm.

Fortunately, using high-pressure laminate in the bedroom is an excellent decision because of their variety in color and their innate sound reduction benefits—especially when combined with a quality underlayment and a carpet on top. Coupling these elements with visual cues and activities as well as high-quality mattresses and pillows will create an aesthetically pleasing bedroom as well as a conducive environment for a good night’s rest.

Best Lamerra HPL for the Bedroom:  Soft, relaxing tones are the best choice for your bedroom so try to stay away from colors that are too dark or dramatic. People that love the look and feel of wood might appreciate the soft appearance of Mediterranean Walnut or Woven Malt in the Deep Natural texture finish. On the other hand, those who prefer solid colors might love the soft elegance of our Eggshell and Almond HPL variants.

Cook in a Stylish Kitchen

Kitchens are a quintessential part of a warm and welcoming home. Whether your kitchen is a stand-alone room or a dining room hybrid, kitchens see plenty of action during meal preparation and cooking. Some have taken to turning their kitchens into an extension of their entertainment areas. From drinks and soup to tougher liquids like thick sauces, wine, and cooking oil.

Because of this, each surface in your kitchen needs to be able to resist the wear and tear that comes with dining and cooking. Kitchen HPL applications are a common use of laminates in homes, not only for their style but also their resistance to shock and liquid permeation. Kitchens are a great area for laminate use because they also make your surfaces easy to wipe down and clean after a long day of cooking. Entertain guests as you cook in style!

Best Lamerra HPL for the Kitchen: Go the industrial New York flat route and pair metallic appliances and fixtures with a warm-toned light or medium shaded wood for a touch of hominess that coaxes the appetite. Natural choices that suit this are Classic Elm, Classic Walnut, or Bamboo. Do keep in mind however that the best finish for this is something even to keep any food waste from seeping into the gaps.

Get Inspired, But Feel Free to Get Creative!

We hope that our article helped you consider where high-pressure laminates can be used within your own home or project. While there are no hard and fast rules about the best areas for laminate use in your home, these are our team’s recommendations. Use these as your foundation for your own ideas or come up with some that are completely your own! Whatever you decide to do, simply reach out to us so we can help you bring your ideas to life!

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