Laminate Sheets in Comfortable Learning Spaces

Laminate Sheets in Comfortable Learning Spaces

Whether you are designing a new learning space or renovating an old one, creating an environment that is conducive for learning and teaching is essential to produce desired results. The place where students and teachers stay most of their time influences their mind and is therefore crucial to their productivity and learning process. Poor design in visual appeal most of all, affects them poorly. 

High pressure laminates is one material you can use to create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With multiple features, neither of the two needs to be compromised. HPL sheets can also be placed in a lot of surfaces in the classroom- in furniture surfaces, cabinets, tables, walls, and ceilings, which makes it a versatile and multifaceted material. Here are some ways you can improve the learning environment if you’re designing one:

  1. HPL laminates are known for being a lightweight material which makes it easier to install compared to other materials of the same purpose. This makes it easy to install on any surface inside the classroom. HPL has a selection of swatches (wood grain laminate and solid color laminate) that can be easily customized, depending on your application.
  2. Lighting is integral to the students’ attention during classes, making them lively and non distracted during class hours. You can maximise the use of natural light or strategically place a lighting system in the room without making it too bright or dull. Match it with light-colored laminates so it is easy on the eyes. 
  3. Providing a comfortable space means giving the students proper workspace to work at, with a comfortable chair to pair. Longer sitting hours can lead to distress and fatigue so make sure to provide them a space to properly work. 
  4. Customized furniture that allows students to collaborate and sit together makes up for a fun and interactive environment. It is one way to introduce a nontraditional way of learning without straying far from it. This can be in the form of putting chairs and tables where people can read and socialize, or having large tables where they can collaborate. 

Modern design solutions require a material that’s durable, flexible, and versatile, like laminate sheets. This way, learning can still be a fun and enjoyable time where they can grow individually, harnessing necessary skills for the future. Lamerra is a trusted brand of laminates sheets in the Philippines which you can buy in all Decocity stores nationwide. Aside from HPL, Decocity also offers a selection of architectural finishing materials like PVC ceiling panels, WPC wall panels, and SPC flooring. You can find out more about the product by reading our blogs or checking our swatches. Visit the site to check the prices per panel.

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