Laminate Colors to Use with Peach Fuzz

Every year, the announcement for the color of the year is highly anticipated by individuals, interior designers, and architects alike. Although not set in stone, the color will birth a myriad of designs for interior and exterior spaces for the year. This 2024, a soft pinkish orange color named Peach Fuzz was regarded as the color of the year, a seemingly great contrast from last year’s vivid Viva Magenta.

Peach Fuzz is a soft peach color that threads between pink and orange, which characterizes peacefulness, kindness, and tenderness, a space to heal, to take a break, and to grow. If you want to take inspiration for your interior using this color, then you are in the right place. Lamerra high pressure laminates offer a variety of colors in solid and woodgrain laminate swatches that will surely match with Peach Fuzz- whether you are planning to incorporate the color to the kitchen or the bedroom, in your wall, or in the floor. 

Peach tones work greatly with a lot of color. You can integrate it as a painting, as a feature wall, as an accessory, or added texture. Because of its soft and peaceful look, it immediately warms the room whether the space is dominantly dark or light. Peach tones can be the pop of color in the interior, especially if the space uses dark undertones like Ebony and Titanium Black HPL solid color.  

In this photo, the peach color is used together with white and wood grain undertones to imbibe a warm and inviting ambiance to the bedroom. You can either use Snow solid color laminate and Amber Maple or Natural Maple wood finish laminate sheet for added visual texture and grains  if you want to take the same direction to your space. 

With the right material and careful consideration of the colors in the room, your interior can be a space that allows you to pause, breathe, and keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy modern life. Lamerra HPL laminates help you do just that with a material that’s easy to install and maintain. Lamerra HPL sheets are available in all Decocity stores nationwide. Send us a message for a quick and free quotation. 

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