Laminate Color Combinations you can try in your Interior

Laminate Color Combinations you can try in your Interior

With a variety of swatch options available in the market, choosing just one color may be difficult. While it may be tempting, too many colors without a creative direction may just cause the interior to look cluttered and messy. If you can’t choose between two colors, don’t fret. You can combine it into one! High pressure laminates (HPL) give you not only a boost in your interior, it also allows your creative ideas to flow into reality. You can apply it on your pieces of furniture, your tables, your interior walls, ceilings, and cabinets. Here are some color combinations you can try on your next interior project:

I. COMBINATION 1 (Solid Color + Woodgrain)

Break a monotonous solid colored surface with patterns from wood grain laminates. Patterns (whether it be ones with bigger grains, vertical or horizontal lines, bigger or smaller spaces in between) add so much depth and visual interest.  

  1. Titanium Black & Honey Elm

You can never go wrong with any colored pattern paired with black. The dark plain color immediately pops out the pattern and makes a good combination if you want to make it classic and chic.

  1. Eggshell & Natural Sakura

White with a lighter color of wood grain lightens the room and makes it warm to the eyes. The brighter sheen of the eggshell color gives a little bit of sparkle when put on any surface. It automatically makes the space look clean and neat. 

II. COMBINATION 2 (Woodgrain + Woodgrain)

Do not worry about clashing patterns when matching wood grains together. After all, it’s not the type of pattern that matters, but the colors, as well as to where it will be placed, that is important. For pieces of furniture and interior walls, try to limit yourself with two wood laminate sheets and from there, start building up the accessories that go with it.

When choosing swatches for your interior, choose a light one in the solid colors and choose a dark one for the wood grain, and vice versa. Do not worry about the patterns clashing, these won’t be noticeable enough if the colors you used are right. Another choice is to pick two monochromatic colors that can elevate the look nonetheless. Here are some swatches you can try on your interior.

  1. Amazonian Walnut & Ivory Elm

Both of these colors have a neutral tone that makes it a stylish and elegant combination. It is a trusted combination since it is versatile and classy, which you can use in modern or a contemporary design style. It automatically adds flair and personality to any space. 

  1. Noble Cherry & Burnt Ribbonwood

Noble cherry has a dark red undertone which makes it strong and commanding. Go with an equally strong color like burnt ribbonwood to make a larger impact. Since it is a relatively dark and strong set of colors, ensure that there are enough natural or manmade lights that can complement this style.  You can use this combination in office settings to appear noble and clean.

III. COMBINATION 3 (Solid Color + Solid Color)

Neutral undertones have become really popular because it is an easy choice that brings sophisticated results. As the saying goes, the simpler, the better. Balance the colors by adding textures, plants, rocks, or other elements that will make the space lively and more organic. 

  1. Titanium White and Titanium Black

It may seem easy to design with a simple black and white color theme as compared to matching a solid color with other swatches with grains or  textures, but when it’s not done well, the stark difference can be overwhelming, dull, and boring. However, when mastered, these two can be the most classic or chic theme. As a guide, try to decide which one takes the centerpiece and which one becomes the accent based on the purpose of the room. 

  1. Charcoal and Lead

Tonal greys (or any other hue with light or dark variations) work together if you want a clean-looking, minimalist interior.  Monochromatic themes have been popular in small spaces because it creates an illusion that makes the interior look more spacious and light. When done correctly, it helps tone down visual chaos brought by too many clashing colors with no order. 

IV. COMBINATION 4 (Solid/Wood Grain + Other Material)

There are times in renovating your interior where you have to choose which laminate swatch would match with the existing colors and elements already existing before renovation. These elements may include other materials like wood, concrete, and tiles. While we may enjoy having some industrial elements like cement screed finishes, it can sometimes look too harsh in a home. To make it more comfortable visually, introduce a softer element or color to add some warmth. 

  1. Solid Color/Wood Grain and Tiles

It depends on the color of the tiles, but a great tip is to not overdo patterns on patterns. Some tiles naturally have a sheen or matte surface, so place this in mind if you’re choosing a color. One great way is to be consistent with the existing colors and try to match it. You can opt for a monochromatic theme, or have a completely contrasting color. 

  1. Solid Color/Wood Grain and Wood

One strength of using wood grain laminates is that it imitates the natural look of organic and earthy elements which then makes the space look more natural and authentic. Match your existing wood elements at home by using wood grain laminates. 


High pressure laminate is a thin, compact, and multilayered material that can be used on your cabinets, pieces of furniture, tables, and interior walls. The layers of resin, kraft paper, decorative paper and a transparent overlay, is combined together with high heat and high pressure, which makes it compact and rigid. It has a variety of swatches you can use in different interior design styles, whether modern or classic, contemporary or industrial, etc. It has superior wear resistance that keeps it looking clean and new amidst everyday stresses. It is also fire-resistant, and is safe to use for kitchens, since it has high tolerance for heat and flammability, and does not promulgate fire in case the worst case happens. 


If you are looking for a trusted supplier of high pressure laminates in the Philippines, contact Decocity. Decocity offers a wide variety of interior finishing materials which you can use in any part of your home. Lamerra is a brand of high quality HPL sheets, with a variety of solid color laminates and wood finish laminate sheets available for everyday use. You can buy Lamerra HPL sheets in selected Polylite stores and all Decocity stores nationwide. Check our contacts page to see the complete list of the stores near you. Follow our social media pages to be updated on our latest product offerings. If you have any questions regarding Lamerra high pressure laminates, contact Decocity. 

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