Discover HPL Table Benefits for Your Home’s Advantage!

HPL tables are easily some of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could incorporate into your space. From dining tables to office desks, the multiple HPL table applications present endless possibilities for both residential and commercial spaces. However, the benefits of HPL tables far exceed the confines of simple versatility. In this article, we go over the different advantages that HPL tabletops can offer to any space they are added to, as well as the different table applications for high pressure laminate sheets

If you have been itching to add HPL tables to your space but are unsure of the laminate uses that you can utilize, then this is the perfect article for you. Read on and find out about the different HPL table advantages and applications that you can utilize in your space!

What are HPL Tables?

The first step of really appreciating the various benefits that HPL tables can offer is getting to know what they are. HPL or high pressure laminate sheets are a beloved material used in interior design and construction because of their appearance, versatility, and sustainability. These multi-use materials are made from a durable combination of paper and resin, creating a stunning look that will definitely last through everyday wear and tear. In the Philippines, using high pressure laminate is a common practice for both professional interior design projects and homeowner makeover and renovations. You can make it part of your project too.

What are the Benefits of HPL Tables?

Now that you know what HPL tables are, it is time to discuss the benefits that make them so special. HPL table applications are full of amazing potential when used in your space, so knowing the advantages that you can experience can help you figure out the best furniture pieces and design elements for your home. Below are a few of the benefits that you can experience by incorporating them into the interior design of your home, office, or store.

Durability Against Impact and Spills

When purchased from a reputable seller in the Philippines, you can rest assured that your high-pressure laminate sheets are made with a process that makes them impact and permeation resistant. This means that you can rest easy when fearing their survivability in busy environments, such as in kitchens or offices.

We spend plenty of our time in these main living areas when carrying out intensive prep work for cooking dishes or going through daily tasks from your work. With more time spent in these areas, the more chances of possibly striking or spilling drinks in your favorite home areas. When HPL tabletops are used, however, you can rest easy knowing that it will not crease or bubble, even with high traffic and a little spillage on your surfaces.

Economic Design Choice

Using wood or marble in your spaces lends a luxurious appearance—however the price of these materials can sometimes be over budget for most homeowners and builders. Achieve the same luxurious appearance of wood grain or marble finishings by using your high-pressure laminates on countertops, tables, and cabinetry. These HPL uses help you get the very same elevated look without breaking the bank just for style.

Versatility is Key

While some materials have some limitations in terms of their environment, our high-pressure laminates can suit your kitchen, dining, office, and even living spaces. Aside from their infiltration and impact resistance, one advantage that HPL tables have is the wide array of their available colors and textures. With this amount of diversity, you are sure to find the right color and finish to suit your design style and needs. Below are some of the applications that we recommend for your space:

1. Kitchen Islands & Counter Tops

Fancy yourself as a bustling home chef? Or perhaps you like to cook for guests in style? Some interior designers and homeowners have taken to using HPL tabletops for a stylish kitchen island that doubles as a small dining or mini bar area.

Choose this if: You live in a small apartment and love both cooking and entertaining. Multi-functional spaces that do not sacrifice style for function are a studio apartment’s best friend!

2. Dining Tables

Nothing says wow like a large, long-running dining table. Set out a feast for your guests with enough elbow room for comfort. A major HPL table benefit is how it stands up to liquid infiltration and impact, so you can relax the next time your guests spill a glass of red wine on a light-stained woodgrain tabletop.

Choose this if: You like holding large dinner parties or belong to a big family with kiddos that are just starting to learn how to eat on their own while growing into their table manners!

3. Office and Study Desks

Nothing spells productivity like a good desk space. Plasticky desks can feel sticky and disruptive when working long hours. One strength that HPL tabletops possess is the sheer range of colors and finishes available for purchase. Go for a natural wood-grain finish in your home or workplace office for a premium executive vibe. Alternatively, you can opt for a high shine finish in an accent color of your choice for a fun take on your child’s study table.

Whatever choice you opt to make, the versatility and benefits of HPL tables are undeniable. If these applications and benefits are attractive to you, then look no further than the Philippines’ premiere supplier of high-pressure laminates. Get in touch with us so we can explore design options that fit your requirements and budget!

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