How to make wood grain laminates work for you

No wood grain is the same. This gives the wood an authentic and more distinctive look, which is why hardwood is a common material used in the interior, whether as decorative or for its structural durability. But is it the same case in engineered or synthetic wood (like high pressure laminates and wood composite panels)? Will you get the same (or at most a similarity) look of authenticity and uniqueness in each sheet? 

The answer is yes. Each sheet is unique, and you can find different types of wood grain in HPL laminates just the same. However, because of these differences in sizes of the rings and the pattern, others may have difficulty in incorporating it to an existing or a newly renovated interior. Here are some ways you can make wood grain laminates work for you:

1. Be consistent.

Find out which wood tone will be best used on your interior and stick to it for a more consistent and uniform effect. For example, if you have a light, cool toned color as the dominant color, make sure to use variations of cool tones as complementary colors. 

2. Do not clash too many patterns with each other.

There are some wood grain patterns that have prominent patterns that can be the highlight of the space. If joined together with equally loud patterns, chances are, they will look cluttered and messy. 

For example, there are two types of grain patterns present in wood: Open grain and closed grain. Open grain has a more irregular, prominent grain. Closed grain, on the other hand, has a finer pattern, with pores smaller in size. Combining 3 or more open grains in one space can make the space overwhelming.

3. Create Contrasting Patterns.

The wise use of both the wood grain surfaces and accessories will improve the interior even better. If the tone is too monotonous, try to break this pattern by introducing texture, with rugs or blankets. You can also create patterns by using dark and light tones, and being consistent with the practice.

4. There is nothing wrong with keeping everything simple.

If you are doubtful about taking risks on excessive patterns, try delving into monochromatic or neutral patterns. Keeping everything simple has its benefits too. Not only does it make the space look wider and brighter, it also makes it look cohesive and sophisticated. For this style, you may need closed grains. These have narrower pores and more regular patterns.

Take advantage of the unique qualities of wood grain panel laminate sheets to create a character out of your design. The key to making it possible is (1) to understand the grains and patterns to find out which would complement each other and (2) choosing the best material to use.

HPL sheets are an example of versatile materials which you can use anywhere in your interior. It makes the space uniform, cohesive, and visually aesthetic. Like many composite materials, HPL perfectly mimics the appearance of wood, without its hefty price. This is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for interior finishing these days. 

Lamerra is a trusted HPL brand available in all Decocity stores nationwide. For more information about the swatches, and the material itself, contact us with the following details:

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