How to Integrate Laminate Sheets in Minimalist and Maximalist Interiors

How to Integrate Laminate Sheets in Minimalist and Maximalist Interiors

Are you more of a “less is more” or “more is more” type of person? Maximalist and minimalist design styles have been a classic trend for many years, shown in extravagance and manifestation of wealth in the monarchs, or manifested in a decluttered, more neutral space that maximizes light and space in the present. These polar opposites have their own distinct characteristics that makes it appealing in their own way. But how can you use high pressure laminates (HPL) if you want these two design styles?

Minimalist designs can be seen with simpler details on the interior, using only what is needed, and placing a few key points in the house as focal points. It is also characterized by a wide area, allowing as much light inside the house as possible. For an overall look that will make the space look uncluttered, use solid colored laminate sheets on pieces of your furniture, or use as an accent wall.  For a monochromatic palette Lamerra hpl sheets have a variety of neutral colors like titanium black, titanium white, soil, and lead for minimalist colors that are easy to work with.

On the other hand, maximalist design style can be characterized by using a lot of elements all at once, without making it over dominating. The use of patterns, textures, and colors is apparent in this design. More often than not, the designer’s own style and experiences complete the overall design story. Make use of vibrant and strong colors, together with grains on wood laminate sheets to achieve a maximalist design. For example, Honey Elm wood grain laminate has apparent grains if you want to see patterns. For bold colors, you can use Noble Cherry or Lincoln Walnut. Do not be afraid to use multiple colors or grains on spaces; maximalist designs give you the freedom to do so. In fact, even in diversified elements, your interior space can still create balance and harmony. 

The concept of what is beautiful or not is subjective. After all, our personal style, experiences, and lifestyle directly affects our interiors. So if your space serves its function and brings you comfort and joy, does it really matter which design style you used to achieve it? Good thing is, whichever design style suits you most, Lamerra is versatile enough to cater to both design styles. If you are looking for a trusted high pressure laminates supplier in the Philippines, contact us.

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