How to Ace a Nature Inspired Filipino Interior

How to ace a nature inspired Filipino interior?

There is something nostalgic when we look at Filipino interiors. Through it, we can understand bits and pieces of stories passed down from one generation to another. There are trinkets and pieces of jewelry that say “Our mom gifted this to us for our anniversary”. Refrigerator magnets say “We (or someone we know) have been here before!” One concept usually tied up with the local interiors is nature. Since the Philippines has one of the richest biodiversity in the world, our homes mirror it too. 

A nature inspired interior takes notes from the foliage, from forests, trees, and other elements you find outdoors. On the other hand, a classic Filipino interior is deeply rooted in family histories, tied with natural and local materials. A nature inspired Filipino interior is therefore a combination of using classic local materials and bringing outdoor elements indoors to create a comfortable and warm home. There are several ways on how you can incorporate nature into your home. Just think of the colors and elements you can find in nature that you can bring home and then start from a clear vision of what it looks like. Get tips on how to ace nature colors on your interiors in the list below:


Green is one nature color you can easily bring at home. You can commonly see Filipino homes with an assortment of home plants including succulents and herb plants. One tip is to choose low-maintenance home plants so they can remain vibrant and alive for a long time, even without continuous tending. Depending on your design style and space, plants are available in different sizes, shades, and texture. Make use of the Philippines’ year-long abundance of sunlight to let plants grow indoors (and outdoors).


Filipino interiors put emphasis on using local and natural materials for their furniture, cabinetry, and accessories, so it is no surprise that you can find a thing or two which uses wood. It is naturally warm, healing, and comfortable as it is a classic and timeless design piece that easily makes the home simple yet sophisticated. 

You can use an assortment of materials to mimic the brown color in nature- natural wood, rattan, bamboo, coconut, or faux wood sheets like high pressure laminates (HPL). Depending on your design style and budget, there is a right material for you. Wood laminate sheets perfectly mimic the appearance of wood from its shade up to its grains, for a fraction of its cost. It is high impact resistant and durable, perfectly capable of handling daily tremors and traffic. You can also opt for browns for your flooring by using stone plastic composite (SPC), available in wooden colors that are low-maintenance and can stand for years to come. It is water and scratch resistant, recommended for families with little kids and pets alike.  


The presence of natural light (and abundance of it) in your interior space makes the space look more open, inviting, and comforting, which is what nature truly does. In a nature-inspired interior, it is important to place large windows or doors to welcome as much sunlight in the interior. Complement it with wood, tan, or brown colored furniture for maximum effect. 

Nature not only provides relief to our eyes, it also improves our well-being and provides comfort and warmth to our home. You can achieve a nature-inspired look by incorporating it on your furniture using HPL sheets. Choose Lamerra, for a trusted high pressure laminate supplier in the Philippines. You can buy solid colors and wood grain laminates in Decocity stores and selected Polylite branches nationwide. You can also visit our website so you can check the price of laminate sheets and look at the branches near you. 

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