Cooling up your Home Interior this Summer

Cooling up your Home Interior this Summer

The summer season in the Philippines is extremely hot and uncomfortable. Your electricity bill goes up, everyone’s mood seems to be at par with the hot temperature, and the sticky feeling of the humid summer air feels unpleasant. There are simple ways you can do to ease these feelings without much effort. These are the little things you can do at your homes because after all, design decisions greatly affect the subconscious. While the summer season and its repercussions may not be as comfortable as you want it to be, brightening the interiors can at least turn the room into an airy and cheerful home. 

Select cool tones for your floors, walls, and ceilings.

Cooler tones are called as such because they do make the space feel cooler. Cool tones like blues, whites, greens, and grays evoke the feeling of warmth and security. There are a lot of material options for wall, ceiling and flooring which you can use for your home. You can opt for paint or other interior finishing materials. Check out Decocity’s product offerings like WPC panels for walls, PVC panels for ceilings, and SPC flooring. These materials check out functionality, versatility in style, and visual appeal altogether when used.

Use light colors on your furniture.

Lighter colors reflect the heat rays. You can use light colored neutral laminates to achieve this look. In deciding with a color for your furniture, you can never go wrong with light colors, because it is a classic piece that goes with every trend. It contributes to your home looking cooler too! Lamerra HPL sheets offer light colors in both solid color laminates and wood grain laminates. 

Do not be fooled though, using light colors in the majority of the places in your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use dark colored ones in your interior. Too many light colored materials without variations can make the space look dull and boring. The key is to balance them out. You can place dark colored ones strategically by incorporating them in home accessories or accent walls to put emphasis on certain design pieces. 

Move your furniture and other obstructions away from the windows.

Keeping away obstruction in entrances and exits improve the airflow inside your home. You can do this by keeping the doors inside the home open to allow the air to circulate freely. Keep your windows open that allow as much air circulation but don’t let in too much light. More light increases the temperature at home, so try to filter them as much as possible. 

Minimize the use of textures in your interior. 

Examples of textures in your interior are rugs, carpets, mats, or thick fabrics that are placed on your living room floor or bedroom side tables. While these may feel soft in your feet, these are absorbers of sunlight that contributes to making the room stuffy and warm. If you want a cooler environment, opt for bare flooring materials like SPC flooring. 

Eliminate clutter and other unnecessary things.

If there is one good time to clean the house and declutter, then this might be it. Decluttering your space takes away visual interruptions which may direct our minds away from what we actually want to do. Not only does it make the space look cool, it also improves one’s mental wellbeing. If one whole day of decluttering is hard for you, you may start with small little things. Make space in your closet by choosing the ones you can use and those you cannot. Group together the same things in one section or organize your books in one shelf. These may seem small tasks, but they are big steps already. 

Rejuvenate your interior by placing houseplants. 

Plants add color and personality to your space. It calms the eyes and improves air quality. Choose houseplants that absorb humidity in the air to have a cooling effect in the air.  These houseplants do not require plenty of light and can be placed indoors for the summer. Just remember to keep them moist so the leaves do not dry out.

Where to buy laminate sheets?

While the summer season may be cheerful, fun, and light, experiencing it at home may be uncomfortable. People spend the majority of their time at home, so it is only just to invest in making your space cooler and comfortable. Lamerra HPL laminate sheets are available in all Decocity stores and selected Polylite stores nationwide. Decocity is a trusted HPL supplier in the Philippines that offers quality interior finishing materials like HPL, PVC ceiling panels, WPC wall panels, and SPC flooring. Visit the site for more details.

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