Common Interior Wall Finishing Materials in the Philippines 

Common Interior Wall Finishing Materials in the Philippines 

If you ever wondered why your space looks empty, you might be missing some interior finishing materials. These are the final touch to your space. It may include furniture, fixtures, flooring, ceiling, kitchen surfaces, and wall cladding which enhances the aesthetics of your interior and protects the building elements. While it is perfectly fine to have a plain looking interior, changing a thing or two in terms of texture and material can totally change the outlook of the room and eventually add value to your property. Finishing materials are fairly important in interior walls, because they occupy a large space and are usually the first thing people see when they enter a home. It covers imperfections and ensures a seamless looking wall. Check the list below for the common interior wall finishing materials in the Philippines. 

  1. Natural Materials- Natural materials which include wood and stone are timeless materials used for the interior. They are durable and long-lasting, and can also provide thermal insulation to your home. Because of these reasons, these may be costly and may require professional installation. 
  2. Paint- Paint a staple in Filipinos’ homes, whether interior or exterior. Paint is inexpensive, so it is easy to apply and reapply. It has a wide range of variety in terms of colors, chase, or sheen, and is very versatile. You can choose between oil based paint or water based paints depending on the type of surface you are working on.
  3. Wallpaper- Wallpaper is inexpensive, but you should look for a quality wallpaper material that is easy to install and isn’t hard to clean and remove. Wallpapers can easily achieve intricate patterns and designs that paint couldn’t.
  4. Tiles- Tiles are applied best on surfaces where there is moisture build up or humid environments, which is why you can commonly see it applied on the kitchens, bathrooms, and multipurpose rooms. It is an easy way to bring color and patterns into the room, and is easy to clean and maintain too.
  5. Synthetic Materials- Natural materials can be difficult and costly to manufacture, so synthetic materials like vinyl or high pressure laminates (HPL) are used. It perfectly mimics the appearance of a tile or wood, and is great cladding material to hide dents or cracks on the wall. HPL sheets, for example, are lightweight and can be customized not only on walls, but also on cabinets and other pieces of furniture. You can also choose between wood laminate sheets or solid color laminate sheets for variety. 

Whichever you choose among these, remember to use quality materials because it will determine the cost of the repair and maintenance needed later on. When choosing the material, take note how each of them responds to Philippine weathers. If the material is susceptible to breakage when moisture seeps in or easily brittles when it is hot and humid, you should probably think twice before choosing it. If you are looking for a good high pressure laminate supplier in the Philippines, choose Lamerra. Contact us for more information.

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