Christmas Decorating with Laminate Sheets

Christmas Decorating with Laminate Sheets

The holidays bring out the creative character inside of us. Beyond the festivities and gatherings, Christmas becomes more memorable if your home interior is ready to welcome family and guests alike. The versatility of your interior finishing materials such as high pressure laminate (HPL), determines how easy it will be for you to mix and match details and statement pieces for a grand but homey interior. Here are some ways you can decorate your home for the holidays:

  1. Monochromatic- Building harmony with your existing interior together with the Christmas decors you want to place can be quite tricky. Too much of the same color can make it look boring, while too many shades of the same color can make it look cluttered. If you have a bluish or white interior, think of the same hues. You can play around with the winter wonderland theme using snow HPL sheets, add textures and shapes with soft cushions and snowflakes, or add glitters with the same shade.
  1. Nature-inspired – Wood laminate sheets perfectly capture a nature-inspired interior for the Christmas season. This is one of the easiest pieces to work with. Bring out the green garlands, the Christmas trees, and the large poinsettias to bring out a timeless Christmas décor.  If you want a rustic-inspired decoration, the use of wood grain laminates can achieve that casual, organic style. Even if you are residing in the metro or the suburbs, you can find familiarity in this space. Try decorating your space with wreaths, pine cones, and leaves. Faux fruits and cedar branches placed on the mantle can be a great addition too.
  1. Minimalist – With a minimalist interior, you can easily select bits and pieces of ornaments you want to include. The trick is to decide on a theme before buying or decorating, and sticking to it. This way, you can spice up the space without it looking unkempt and cluttered. To achieve the minimalist design, a warm, neutral color palette like Lead and Ebony solid color laminates can be used. You can choose to highlight an element that will serve as the central piece, may it be your center table or your christmas tree. 

No matter which design you want for the holidays, there is a right laminate for you. Preparation for the holidays can be a stressful event in itself, so make sure to lessen your worries in decorating by using a material that’s easy to mix and match with. If you want to know more about HPL laminates, message Lamerra, one of the trusted HPL suppliers in the Philippines. 

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