Maximize the benefits of HPL laminates!

The many advantages of  high pressure laminates have long kept this interior design material a fan favorite among veterans in the interior design and construction industry. While many professionals in the business swear by the countless benefits that high pressure laminates can contribute to a design or construction project, HPL in the Philippines have only recently been gaining traction as a material option that clients consider for their homes. This is largely due to the prevalent idea that HPL is typically used in more commercial and professional settings. If you are one such home or office owner looking to start an interior project or redefine your space, read on and discover the benefits of HPL sheets that make it a worthy contender for your plans!

Are High Pressure Laminates Good?

Before we jump into all the benefits of high-pressure laminates, it is important to jump into this process with the right mindset. HPL sheets are a durable, cost-effective, interior design and construction material that come in a variety of finishes and colors. That being said, your HPL supplier plays a large part in guaranteeing the quality of the HPL you can use for your project. Like wood, marble, and any other material that you might use for your designs, it is important to be stringent with your supplier selection, so work with a provider that you can trust to give you quality stock. 

Experience the following benefits that HPL sheets from a trusted provider will usually grant for your interior design and building needs:


Unlike solid wood or marble surfaces and countertops that often run the risk of cracking or splintering during transport and even installation, premium HPL sheets are far more durable and less finicky. Good quality high-pressure laminates are developed with cutting-edge technology that ups its durability and resistance against strong impacts. This investment will give you a piece that can withstand the day-to-day rigors and prevent cracking, deformation, and scratches that pricier materials simply can’t give.


Because of its wide variety of colors and finishes, HPL sheets are a versatile design choice that can fit both residential and professional settings without compromising practicality. One of the best advantages of HPL is that it comes in a number of stunning finishes that are ready for use in your project. 

Solid color laminates come in a wide array of pigmented colors. Ranging from punchy accent hues that naturally draw the eye to more neutral palettes that serve as a fantastic backdrop for showpiece furniture and artwork. Rather than painting over wood yourself, your high-pressure laminates can come ready for installation with different surface finishes that are smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes.

Prefer the more organic, lived-in vibe of natural wood? Wood laminate sheets perfectly mimic the visuals that natural wood grain possesses, lending charm and sophistication. Pair wood grain HPL pieces with neutral solid color laminates for a minimalist aesthetic that is both functional and on-trend while being flexible enough to add pops of your personality into the overall look.


A common misconception that Filipinos have when it comes to HPL is that it does not perform too well in high splash risk areas, limiting it to more commercial and professional applications such as offices and meeting rooms. By partnering with a good HPL provider, you can secure high-pressure laminates that have been specially treated to bump up its infiltration resistance. This HPL sheet benefit means that your laminates can withstand splashes and moisture from various liquid substances and are less likely to corrode even in varying temperatures. One of our favorite applications is the use of high pressure laminates in the kitchen. Cook in style without worrying about ruining your HPL surfaces with the errant spill of ingredients, dishes, and condiments that are bound to happen in daily life with the family!

Competitive Pricing

A stunning home does not have to cost you a fortune. Showpiece countertops and surfaces like marble kitchen isles and solid wood dining tables may make for attractive interiors, but they also come at a steep price in terms of both raw cost and future maintenance. A benefit of high-pressure laminates is its competitive pricing. Opt for an interior design and construction material that combines the beauty of form and the practicality of function—all in one smart, sleek package.

We hope that this short guide on the many advantages of HPL sheets can shed some light on this powerhouse material. For any inquiries and ideas for your own HPL applications at home or in your working spaces, reach out to us and explore your options for your very own high-pressure laminate sheet installations!

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