Are your laminates pet friendly?

Are your laminates pet friendly?

If you have a pet at home, you would understand the feeling of delight after you find them waiting for you upon arriving at work. Regardless of why people adopt pets, they play an important role in our lives which is why pet owners try to provide an environment where they can be active and playful, without compromising their comfort and rest. Pet parents should become more considerate of things at home since there are several factors to consider. Pets can leave grime and dirt on surfaces, leave fur everywhere, or cause scratches and nibbled furniture. Luckily, having a pet-friendly and stylish home are mutually inclusive. It all depends on your interior design choices and choosing pet-friendly interior materials. Answer these questions and find out if your home is a comfortable place for both you and your pet. 

  1. Are your furniture scratch resistant?

Domestic animals like dogs and cats have paws that can scratch surfaces and ruin the look of your table tops and kitchen surfaces. Lamerra high pressure laminates (HPL) are scratch-resistant, so using them on pieces of your furniture will keep your home looking good and tidy even with pets at home.

  1. Are your furniture water resistant?

New and non potty trained pets will inevitably leave unpleasant marks in your home. When left unattended, the surfaces will be stained or warped, especially if it isn’t water resistant. Laminate sheets have water resistant properties that further proves its durability and quality. However, it is important to remember that cleaning and attending to these immediately is needed to maintain the laminates nicely. 

  1. Does it take you less time to clean and maintain your home?

If your pets leave behind dirty paw prints and stains, does it take you an hour or two just to clean it? Choosing materials for your home that do not cause additional time and effort to clean and maintain is a huge relief for every pet owner. Laminates are known for its easy-to-clean properties, with simple solutions to dirt on its surfaces. Just wipe it with a cloth and nontoxic cleaner to keep it clean. 

  1. Does your pet feel comfortable and safe around your home?

Sometimes, it takes time for pets to adjust to a new environment. Sometimes, however, they may not get used to a new home that causes them to be stressed. The best way to address this is to gradually introduce these changes to them, and provide a safe space as part of their new routine. 

If most of your answer to the questions above is yes, then your home might be the perfect place for your pets. HPL sheets is an interior finishing material commonly used on tables, furniture, kitchen nooks, and cabinets. It has scratch and water-resistant properties that makes it a pet friendly material. It is available in a variety of grains and colors, to match with your desired style for interior designing. You can opt for darker solid color laminates to hide stains caused by your pets. You can also decide on wood grain laminates with darker grains to show texture and depth while keeping the style pristine and tidy.

Whether you are moving to a new home, or renovating an old one, it is only right to consider your pets. The good thing is, you do not need to compromise your personal design style and choice for your furry friends. If you decide that laminate sheets are the right material for you, contact one of the trusted hpl suppliers in the Philippines.

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