Applying HPLs to your Kitchen: Why it’s a good idea | Lamerra

Applying HPLs to your Kitchen: Why it’s a good idea | Lamerra

In terms of functionality, one of the most important places in your home is the kitchen as it’s where you store, prepare, and cook food. In some cases, some people even eat in the kitchen. You could spend hours cooking and preparing in the kitchen that you don’t even notice that it needs renovation. With the multiple times you cook in a week, your kitchen could be damaged from liquid, cuts, impacts, or scratches.

For the high demands of the kitchen, High Pressure Laminates are an ideal choice for your next project with its different properties that are beneficial for it based on its practicality and looks. Let’s look into why HPL sheets are an ideal choice for your kitchen.

Free from Stains and Spillages

Spills and food stains are unavoidable in the kitchen as you have to handle food and drinks and mistakes happen. Thanks to its non-porous surface, HPLs are stain free and resistant to any sort of liquid penetrating inside the laminates. This also makes HPL laminates free from any sort of bacterial build up inside, making them a hygienic choice for your home. 

Scratch free zone

Kitchens are home to sharp objects such as knives, utensils, and you could overshoot with how you cut your meat and veggies. With the high durability of HPL laminate sheets thanks to its manufacturing process and its hard surface, these laminates are resistant to any accidental scratches.

No dents from impacts

Not only is it free from scratches, stains, and spillages, HPLs are also free from any dents or impacts. With how dense and layered the surface of HPLs are, they are able to withstand any sorts of accidental drops of utensils, pots, or pans. Whether you are alone or have high traffic in your kitchen, HPLs remain flat and smooth even with any sorts of accidental bumps or impacts. 

Hassle-free and Cost-effective

Another key property of High pressure Laminates is their exceptionally durable and will last you for a very long time, making you save more money in the long run. They also have hassle free maintenance in which you don’t have to worry about spending time or money on cleaning your laminates as you only need minimal cleaning.

Versatile in Applications

You’ll be able to add High Pressure Laminates to most of your indoor furniture and fixtures. Whether it’s your table kitchen top, floors, drawers, or your kitchen cabinets, HPLs can be applied to them and with a vast amount of colors and finishes, from Wood grain laminates to Solid color laminates, you’ll have a vast range to choose from. 

For your indoor applications, Lamerra HPL sheets are highly recommended for your next project. Lamerra HPL Sheets able to provide a wide range of choices for the interior look that you desire. Lamerra is the leading High Pressure Laminates Supplier in the Philippines. For more information regarding the material, contact us. You may also check the prices of all laminates available on our site. For other interior products for your home projects such as wall and ceiling panels, you may check out for Decocity’s whole catalog. 

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