4 Reasons Why Laminates are Good in the Kitchen

Why use Lamerra Laminates in the Kitchen

These days, the kitchen is not only regarded as a functional space where food is created and served, it can also be a gathering space for the family and an avenue to show the owner’s lifestyle. With new trends, the kitchen space is continually evolving. You can experiment with new styles and new materials to work with. High pressure laminate is an interior surface material that works well in the kitchen. You can place it on kitchen cabinets, shelves, cupboards, and walls. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Safe to Use

The kitchen is continually exposed to moisture and heat so make sure to determine the materials’ response to thermal and temperature changes. HPL sheets are created with excellent thermal properties which prevents flame ignition, spread of flame, and slows down production of smoke and toxic gases. Although fire-resistant materials like HPL cannot fully prevent fires, it slows down the growth of fire, which saves both lives and properties. 

2. Easy to Clean

Sanitation is important in the kitchen because its surface can be a room for bacterial growth due to constant exposure to moisture and food ingredients. Using laminates not only lessens the burden of constantly cleaning the kitchen surfaces, but also prevents the proliferation of bacteria. This makes the handling of the food better and safer. To clean, wipe it with a clean cloth together with water and mild soap. 

3. Low Cost

Compared to most materials, HPL sheets are affordable and cost-efficient. Along with its narrow width, is a compact material that lasts longer and saves you money in the long run. Packed with multiple features, functionality and aesthetics are assured. It perfectly mimics the appearance of wood with only a fraction of its cost.

4. Aesthetic

The natural aesthetic, which uses the colors and textures of nature is trendy because it is therapeutic and easy on the eyes. With HPL sheets, you can easily achieve this look. There are multiple design options so you can choose the design story you want to create. HPL sheets are also praised for its ability to stay pristine even after months of using it. It does not leave fingerprints on its surface, can be easily cleaned, and does not easily fade. HPL sheets are also moisture resistant which protects the sheet and increases its performance. Especially in a high traffic area such as the kitchen, a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing material is a must.

Do not let your creativity dull with the choice of material you have. After all, your personality and lifestyle should still dominate the theme of any space in your home, including the kitchen. Improve the functionality of your kitchen with an aesthetically pleasing material like high pressure laminates. Lamerra is a high quality brand of HPL laminates in the Philippines. Choose among the variety of swatches available in solid color laminates, and wood grain laminates. Get yours in all Polylite and Decocity stores nationwide. Contact us for more information.

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