2023 Interior Home Improvement Ideas

2023 Interior Home Improvement Ideas

The holidays make you bring out everything. Literally and figuratively. Between managing guests and decorating the interiors, the holidays can make you busier than ever. After the highs of the festivities go away, it’s now time to set things back in order. This might also be the best time for you to welcome the new year with a fresh new mindset. If you plan to renovate and give your home a new look for the new year, then these ideas may interest you. 

The year 2023 is also the Year of the White Rabbit, known for its elegant, quiet, mild-mannered and peace-loving nature. To incorporate this element into your home, decluttering your space to make way for earthy elements and this year’s lucky colors is the key. We cannot truly define what a clutter-free interior is like. Having a minimalist interior does not immediately mean clutter-free, the same way having a maximalist interior is cluttered. It is not also confined to one interior design type only. You can still achieve a cluttered free space whether you want an industrial or classic interior design. It’s how you arrange the elements in harmony with one another that will determine if you got it wrong or right. 

The colors of the year are leaning towards the softer palette, with whites, light blues, and greens. Maximize natural light by having big windows and incorporating whites or colors that are reflective, to make the space look comfy and cluttered free. Biophilic design is still in, and in fact, the more irregular and imperfect the natural elements are, the better. If you are leaning towards choosing wood, you may choose those which have prominent woodgrains, or larger haspe designs. Place potted plants to your interior to balance the light colors in your interior. 

With the new year, comes the new trends you can use for your interior. But redecorating and improving your space does not have to be costly. You always have the choice to look for alternatives if you find the natural ones expensive and out of budget. High pressure laminates are a good alternative for wood, because it is durable, versatile, and perfectly mimics wood. You can choose among the variety of wood grain laminate or solid color laminate finishes, ranging from darker to cooler shades, to different grains. It can be used in different applications, including shelves, tables, furniture, and cabinets. If you want to know more about HPL sheets, you may contact a trusted high pressure laminate supplier in the Philippines.

Cleaning up after the holidays can be really stressful and extremely rewarding at the same time. While it seems to be a simple chore, redecorating every new year establishes the mood for you and your family all year round. The good thing is, welcoming the new year with a new perspective and new interior does not have to hurt your wallet. 

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