A Comparison between HPLs and MDFs

A Comparison between HPLs and MDFs

Home renovation tends to get expensive as the bills and number of things that need to be worked on tends to increase, however, there are ways to save money for when you give your home a new look. For wall renovation and furniture, you don’t always have to repaint for these as you have two cheaper alternatives for application, High Pressure Laminates and Medium Density Fiber sheets.

HPLs and MDFs share a few similarities – they are versatile, provide protection as a surface layer, and come in various colors and finishes to suit your taste. Installing HPLs and MDFs eliminate worries about wood decay or discoloration over time. Plus, they are significantly cheaper compared to real wood and are much easier to install, clean, and maintain. With how similar they are, there are also some key advantages between the two that may help you decide on which one is the right one for your interior needs. Let’s look at the advantages of each of them.  

Key advantages of High Pressure Laminates

High Pressure laminate Sheets are made from a combination of kraft paper and resin to which they undergo thermal lamination involving heavy duty pressing and high heat. These are then cut and formed to be used for indoor applications. This manufacturing process allows HPL laminates to withstand heavy foot traffic and weight. It is also highly resistant, protecting the surface to where it is applied from cracks, scratches, dents, and chipping. Other notable HPL properties include it being stain proof, and water-resistant. 

Key advantages of Medium Density Fiber Sheets

Medium Density Fibers are constructed by breaking down wood fibers and combining them with resins. Similar to HPL laminate sheets, the process involves high temperatures and heavy pressure. MThey are less prone to warping and cracking compared to wood. Thanks to a simpler manufacturing process and its materials, it costs less compared to laminates. 

Things to consider before choosing

Both products are great for your interior needs, however each has their own drawbacks. Although not as expensive as actual wood, High Pressure Laminates tend to cost more due to their manufacturing process. They also tend to be heavier making HPL’s installation more difficult. HPLs are also not heat resistant, meaning they aren’t recommended for outdoor usage. 

MDFs have their fair share of cons as well. They are less durable compared to HPLs and are more prone to damage. Fibers tend to bend as they are less resistant to heavy objects and aren’t good with areas with high foot traffic. They also aren’t resistant to water and moisture.

With all this in mind, which one should you get?

Both options are great depending on what you need for your indoor needs. MDFs are good for interiors that don’t require much load or heavy foot traffic. If you want a cheaper option, then MDFs would suffice. However, if you want a longer lasting sheet that’s easier to maintain and can withstand impact, varying weather conditions, moisture, and high foot traffic then High Pressure Laminates are the way to go. 

High Pressure laminates are ideal for office spaces and houses where people come and go day in and day out. Whether you like Solid Color Laminates or Wood Grain Laminates, Lamerra HPL sheets are able to provide a wide range of choices for the interior look that you desire. Lamerra is the leading High Pressure Laminates Supplier in the Philippines. For more information regarding the material, contact us. You may also check the prices of all laminates available on our site. For other interior products for your home projects such as wall and ceiling panels, you may check out Decocity.com.ph for Decocity’s whole catalog. 

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